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Brand: Maksan
1000 Max Plate / Time Trimmer Dishwashers 18/10 AISI 304 stainless steel body and chassis  High-quality stainless steel heaters  Rotating wash arms  Four (4) types of washing program  wash cycle begins with the closing of the cover  Automatic washing tank filled  Safety thermostat  The user-friendly..
Ex Tax:6,500.00TL
Brand: Maksan
Max 500 cups / hour Dishwashers Technical specifications  Water inlet 3/4 "  Power supply power  Analog control type  Wash tank volume 17 liters  Boiler tank volume of 3.6 liters  Wash temperature 50 to 55 ° C  Rinse temperature 70-75 ° C  Consumes 0.6 liters of water per rinse  Inside the cabin hei..
Ex Tax:5,000.00TL
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